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Empowering ​leadership, ​igniting ​passion and ​driving success.

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Elevate your leadership journey and personal growth with ​customised coaching focussed on achieving sustainable ​growth, clarity, purpose and effectiveness.

Embark on a transformative journey with ​me, where profound change meets ​unwavering support.

With a talent for delving deep and ​uncovering the core of your challenges, I ​bring a warmth that instantly puts you at ​ease. My genuine care and compassion ​pave the way for insightful questioning, ​prompting powerful shifts in perspective.

Through collaborative exploration, you'll ​not only reassess your goals but stride ​forward with newfound confidence.

Hi, I’m Lisa

My experience draws from a tapestry of diverse ​experiences - from my upbringing on a farm to ​traversing six different countries - I've cultivated a ​wealth of knowledge across cultures and industries ​spanning IT, mining, insurance, law and stockbroking. ​My mission is woven with threads of empowerment, ​success and holistic growth. I’ve worked with many ​clients to unlock their potential, elevate their ​leadership, and nurture a positive mindset that ​resonates through their overall well-being.

As your guide, I'm here to ignite courage within you ​and help you master your thoughts and behaviors. ​Together, we'll navigate through effective strategies ​that yield enduring results. With my unwavering ​support, you'll not only embrace a positive mindset ​but also foster holistic well-being. Let's embark on ​this transformative journey together, where we'll ​uncover and unleash your true potential.

Guided Leadership and Personal ​Growth Coaching

Countless individuals have experienced the ​transformative power of my coaching, and now, it's ​your turn.

As you navigate the twists and turns of leadership ​development and personal growth, I stand steadfast ​as your guide, empowering you to unlock your true ​potential.

Whether it's a single session or an ongoing journey, ​each moment spent together is a privilege - a ​chance to embrace change and chart a course ​towards a brighter tomorrow. Your transformation ​begins now, with me by your side.

Live Your Life Fully

Empowerment for High-Achievers

I specialise in empowering individuals who have a fierce ​determination for success. CEOs, visionaries, busy ​thinkers - individuals with a mission – my coaching is ​designed to fuel your ambition. Together, we'll reclaim ​control over your life while nurturing your well-being. ​With my guidance, you'll achieve remarkable success ​and learn to harmonise your external achievements with ​inner contentment.

Partnered Growth and

Tangible Results

Join me in a collaborative coaching process where your aspirations take centre stage. Together, we'll design transformational plans that mirror your dreams, converting your vision into palpable results. I'll guide you to optimise your routines, allowing you to witness and feel the growth in your day-to-day existence. My aim is for you to become your own life's project manager, leading you to your goals while exploring uncharted facets of your identity.

Stress Mastery and Self-Care

I understand the demands of a high-achieving life. That's why my coaching isn't just about hitting milestones – it's about creating a sustainable journey. Let's face it: success requires balance. Through stress management plans rooted in self-care and self-soothing, I create an environment that motivates and uplifts you. We'll work together to ensure your productivity thrives in harmony with your happiness.

Tailored Transformation

Are you ready to break free from limitations and realise your dreams? Let's embark on a journey together, crafting a coaching experience that aligns with your unique path and aspirations. As a visionary, CEO, busy parent, or someone with grand dreams, my approach revolves around personalisation, ensuring that every step we take is tailored to your individuality.

Client Reviews

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"Lisa, I simply had to take a ​moment to express my heartfelt ​gratitude for our collaboration. ​Your dedication is truly making a ​profound difference in the lives ​of so many, and the world is ​undeniably richer for it. On a ​personal level, I feel incredibly ​fortunate to have crossed paths ​with you. Your guidance and ​unwavering support have left an ​indelible mark on my life. ​Reflecting on the journey we've ​shared fills me with immense ​gratitude for the positive impact ​you've had on me."

Lisa Neill, USA

"I couldn't be happier with my ​experience working alongside Lisa! ​In a remarkably short time, she ​delved deep to uncover the core ​issue. Her warm demeanor made ​me feel instantly at ease, and her ​genuine care and compassion were ​evident throughout. Lisa's insightful ​questioning prompted me to ​reassess my perspectives on areas ​of concern. Following our session, I ​felt empowered to stride forward ​with newfound confidence. When ​I'm in need of coaching in the future, ​Lisa will undoubtedly be my first ​choice. It was truly a privilege to ​have her as my coach!"

Jamie Le Pow, New York

“Before starting coaching sessions ​with Lisa, I was largely unfamiliar with ​the concept and benefits of coaching ​- it simply wasn't on my radar. Yet, ​now, I find myself pondering why this ​isn't a widespread practice? The ​journey has been both demanding ​and profoundly enriching. Lisa's ​insightful analysis of my ​circumstances, assistance in ​clarifying my objectives, and ​pinpointing the obstacles impeding ​my progress have been invaluable. I ​am genuinely excited to continue in ​coaching sessions with Lisa. They've ​undeniably broadened my ​perspective and transformed my life."

Rebecca McDowell, QLD

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